Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mayor Haugh-thorne

Location-based-social-networking might not sound fun but we’ve got into it in a pretty big way.

Uprock has been hard at work on Foursquare, adding places of note in Suffolk and competing to become their mayor.

And it looks like Foursquare is set for bigger and better things – its user base is growing at a crazy rate (22 million check-ins so far), companies like Starbucks have rushed to sign up and offer discounts, and Vodafone is stealing ground as the first UK network to promote it heavily.

As a pointer towards the next stage of its development, check out how search engine bing has added Foursquare data to their maps so that you can easily view check-ins, badges and tips left by other users.

We’re playing our part in this brave new world by adding locations worth finding in Ipswich, like The Swan, which Andy was mayor of until landlord Damian got in on the action.

Ric is clinging on as mayor of WHSmith though, so it’s not all bad news.

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