Friday, 9 April 2010

ala Kart

I read today that Mario Kart is almost 20 years old. That's quite a scary thought, but it got me to thinking how great this game is.

In some ways it parallels how life is and should be - When you're down on your luck you should be helped out by an offer of a mushroom boost, and on the flip side when you're on top you should prepare yourself for a red turtle shell up your back side.

It also reminded me of an outing we all had back in 2001 when we went to visit Uprocker Ric in Leeds and went to see a new band called The Strokes. After what was a great gig, Ric's friend said that he was going to a local pub because he had heard that The Strokes were going to be there.

Uprocker Steve and myself said "whatever buddy - they're not going to be there. Let's go home and play Mario Kart on our new Gameboy Advances (that we all had just bought)"

It turned out that Ric's friend did get to have a drink with The Strokes, but we played Mario all night and all the way home on the train. Ric is still a bit sore about the story.

The Strokes opened with this song.

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