Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Life and Times of...

Zane Lowe gets a bad press sometimes but, to me, it's lazy criticism.

To me, he really understands radio and every now and then he manages to create a perfect moment on air.

I've gone from listening to him every night to being an occassional listener - but tuned in the other day to find him switching from a hectic 15 minutes or so to bringing the mood down with a new track from Sage Francis.

Gilles Peterson's probably the master of this, but Zane's good too.

Anyway, the song is good in itself. But its chronological acount of growing up reminded me of Jeffrey Lewis's more detailed effort in Back When I Was 4, which is well good.

So having a blog to hand, I thought why not post both songs. Job done.

Also, in case you haven't seen Jeffrey's tribute to Rough Trade...


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