Saturday, 20 March 2010

Fancy Footwork

Sometimes I browse youtube watching a load of rubbish and suddenly an evening has disappeared. The other night I remembered to look to see if they had some clips of the 1997 DMC championships that I thought I would never see again. Like most things they were on youtube.

They are quite contrasting. First up is a 15 year old DJ A-Trak of Fools Gold Records, Kanyes tour DJ, some great remixes and brother of the tall one in Chromeo. He won the world Championship with this routine - Youngest ever.

The second clip is from the same year at DMC. When I first watched DJ Nike from Italy I couldn't believe this guy made the final. From his Ali G look (this was 1997) you may think that it's a joke. You need to go to 1:45 to get the full effect and also the irony that Dj Nike is wearing Adidas.

The track below is a little old, but a great remix by A-Track for Sebastian Tellier. I tried to find a DJ Nike track but no luck.

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