Thursday, 11 March 2010

James Murphy, hero

Saturday's Uprock was awesome.

It was one of those nights where things were as we hoped they would be when we started over five years ago - eclectic music in a pub full of people enjoying themselves, wearing what they want, and adding to the overall atmosphere.

All of which should be a given for a night.

Anyway, I was going to start a regular blog entry about songs which went down well (working title), but then stumbled across LCD Soundsystem's website.

James Murphy and LCD are genuine Uprock heroes. His mix of MIA's Paper Planes and LCD's Watch The Tapes sounded as fresh as ever on Saturday, and it's exciting to hear that a new album is only a month or so away.

James Murphy is a modern day Brian Wilson - a visionary with an amazing talent for bringing the sounds within his head to record.

Seeing LCD live you can't help but feel for his band, as despite being accomplished musicians themselves they're continually given instructions by their leader - who sometimes even takes over playing their instruments.

His determination not to compromise and steer away from his vision is admirable.

Anyway, for the new album he seems to have rented out a mansion and turned it into a studio. Nice videos.

And going back on topic of songs that went down well at Uprock, the Rock mix of Audio Bullys' Only Man sounded great. I think it could be one of the year's biggest tracks.

The Cads are also continuing to impress - new single This Place is Havoc sounded good, and is available to download soon.

We've been playing The XX v Florence and the Machine for a while and still love it - not sure if the Very Best's reworking will stay with us for long, but happy it came along.

But for me, Jimi Hendrix's Bleeding Heart, all 6 minutes of it, was track of the night.

Finally, props to Andy for playing General Levy as the penultimate track. Class.


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