Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Saikat Biswas Holga D Design

I think that this is just a concept design, but as I have been using an Analogue Holga for a few years now I found it interesting. Holgas are Chinese plastic cameras, that were given away as cheap prizes at American fair grounds in the 80's. They have been resurrected in recent years by the lomography company. Despite being poorly built they produce images like the one bellow.

The digital concept by Saikat Biswas is a more compact version with the same plastic lens of the original. This is perhaps the obvious way to create a digital version but the interesting twist is this - it doesn't have a view finder at the back. So like the analogue version you can't see what your pictures are like until you develop/download them. This is the most exciting part of using a film camera. It would be nice to try one for a day.


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