Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Latitude Festival 2010: Post one

Woo! Latitude! Got to love it. See you again next year hopefully.

Lots went on this weekend, plenty of good bands and odd stuff going down. We'll get round to writing up our experiences soon.

First though, the song of the weekend for me proved to come courtesy of a band who weren't playing but still seemed to follow me around.

A couple of times after watching the comedy a mix cd was thrown on, and on both occasions a mellow track with children singing on it kicked things off.

The first time I heard it I noticed a woman singing along. I was struck by a feeling of inadequacy for having never heard this song that was obviously so close to her heart.

I'd soon enough forgotten about it until after Emo Phillips's set, when it came on again. Shazam was called into action but sadly the reception wasn't strong enough to send the track off for identification.

Back at work today and I suddenly remembered the track, checked Shazam and it was still stored, waiting to be sent off.

A few seconds later and it came back as the below.

It's as nice as I remembered it. I read up a bit and found out that Ryan Gosling's in the band.

That's a pity, I thought, I really hate him as an actor. I then looked him up and realised it's not actually Ryan Gosling I dislike, but Ryan Phillippe.

I don't actually recognise Ryan Gosling, but see he was in Flashforward. Poor old Benford.


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