Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Latitude Festival 2010: Post two

The week before the festival Uprocker Steve said that he had booked us a table at the Giant Robot restaurant at Latitude. It was the first time the festival had had a proper restaurant. I thought - great, I'll write a blog on that.

It was great to sit down at a proper table and use a fork and spoon (that's how I eat spaghetti). It was also nice to sit down with friends to discuss what we had all seen so far. It was lucky that we had so much to discuss as we had a long wait. The service was pretty bad, they had sold out of quite a few dishes, and it was only Saturday. The food was good though when it did come. Hopefully they will sort themselves out if they come back next year.

As this was the case I was unable to give Giant Robot my award this year for best festival food. That accolade goes to Pizza to the People. They take your order and freshly bake your Pizza in 5 minutes. The queue was long and people were complaining. As soon as customers got their pizza they quickly realised that they had just purchased the best item of food they will have all weekend, and all was forgiven.


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