Thursday, 28 May 2009

"An old record is a good record" - but free ones are best

A few months ago I was at the Swan for one of the action packed multi DJ nights that happen every so often. As I was waiting my turn DJ Paulo played a song by Roxanne Shante that I had never heard before.

I had not heard a lot of the songs that had been played that night but this one stuck out. It was an old acid house track but had a sound that I felt could sit comfortably next to a lot of new electro and hiphop.

I enjoy finding old tracks that are able to cross over into a newer sound. Paulo was busy but luckly Ben Marr (aka Skeema) was on hand to tell me that it was produced by Brandon Cooke Featuring Roxanne Shante. Ben (who puts together all the vinyl in Blacksheep) said that he could get me a copy.

I had almost forgotten about all of this until today, I popped into Blacksheep to find that Ben had left me a 1988 promo copy on 12” vinyl for free. What a nice man.

Anyway here’s the track. It reminds me of stuff Mr Oizo and Uffie do now. It even has So-Me-esq video.

p.s. If you walk through town holding a piece of vinyl old people smile at you

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