Thursday, 21 May 2009

A Good Ice Lolly in Disguise

Rubbish movie tie ins may not be a regular part of this blog, but just when it looked like Transformers couldn't get any lower along comes the Nestle Transformers Ice Cube.

Stumbled across this in Ibiza and had hopes that it would be like the Spiderman and Jurassic Park lollies, two good examples of how to base cooling treats on a film.

But disappointment set in almost instantly on unwrapping.

For a start, at the equivalent of £1 it was more than twice the price.

Secondly, look at it. Why's it square and so small?

The first Transformers film was probably one of the worst ever seen so I've no plans to see the sequel. But I do wonder what role the cola and lemon flavoured cube will play in the storyline. ever.

Nestle's full range of Transformers merch

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