Friday, 10 September 2010

Flavor In Ya Ear

I was supposed to put these tracks up after last week's Uprock (it was well busy). I've had a tough week so here they are for the weekend

The Jamie Lidell Tiga Remix is like listening to a 1980's Prince if he owned a laptop. You may have heard the Cee-lo track on the radio - the one I've added is the original version, they can't put this one on before the watershed.

Jamaica used to be Uprock favorites Poney Poney (They made the loudest record i've ever owned).

We played two new Kanye West songs last Saturday. James Severy hated the one featuring Beyonce so much he told me on the night, and again when I bumped into him on the way to work. I have attached the other one to keep him happy.


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