Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Hey look! It's Uprocker Andy and boy does he look happy.

We took a lunchtime trip to see Pixelh8's Childhood Remixed project/exhibition/toy fetish event at the Town Hall Galleries and were impressed enough to write this blog.

On show are a range of circuit bent toys to play with, showing how 99p car boot sale purchases can be turned into musical instruments.

You can have fun watching a friend get into an NES version of Mario before you ruin it by playing around with Pixelh8's added image and sound distortion controls, which meant Andy fell down a hole and got angry.

He's actually really good at Mario.

Best of all though are Pixelh8's centre pieces. Literally speaking, a group of toys are placed in the middle of the room.

A big button is pressed and the drums, operation patient's red nose, xylophone etc play along to a chiptune beat...whilst Raphael and the Battle Cat look on.

We got most carried away, though, with the machine that Andy is pictured playing. It's a computer hooked up to a toy (also pictured), and you can loop each individual element, bell, balls etc and make like you're in Hot Chip.

Words can't do it justice. Certainly not these words anyway.

So...check it out. Pixelh8 will be eating Haribo there most of this week, so go say hello. He's very friendly.

Childhood Remixed

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  1. Glad that you enjoyed the show and got stuck in.

    We're hoping to pull an electo-synth-kinder-glitch band together, who knows we'll be headling Ipswich Music day 2011... before we take on the world (sorry Pixelh8!)

    Don't forget that there is a series of events and workshops that accompany the show during the Ipswich Arts Festival. http://ip-art.com/