Monday, 1 June 2009

Friends Together, Friends Forever....

When Andy discovered he was the only one of the three Uprockers available for June's UPROCK we thought (not that) long and (not that) hard about how we could make it an excellent night and ease the pressure on Coke's number one fan.

So we got out our Rolodex, which sits on top of the previously mentioned alphabetically-sorted filing cabinet, and called up some friends for their help.

Being the nice guys they are they were all happy to help so this Saturday UPROCK will host special guest DJ slots from Pixelh8, James Severy and The Cheek.

We'll be going from 8pm until 1am @ The Swan, and admission is free.

Here's a taste of The Cheek in action:

And our thoughts on friendship put into words and pictures:

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