Friday, 8 October 2010


Last week I was down about the whole N.E.R.D, Daft Punk Let down. Things are a better this week, and I've been Helped along by the following:-

Bernard Sumner + Hot Chip + Hot City = I didn't know what love was. I heard this for the the first time earlier on this week. It's pretty old Skool. I also attached the new Ratatat for you to check out too.

Converse + Bernard Sumner = Bernard Sumner talking about the Manchester music scene. I can just imagine the guy from converse saying "Pipe down about the hacienda! We need a shot of you in the shoes!!"

Jeremy Messersmith + Eric Power = Tatooine (Star Wars was good wasn't it. But do we need it in 3D?)

Have a great weekend


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