Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Alert!! Good Busta Rhymes Song!!!

Out of all the artists that I listen to on a regular basis I would have to say that Busta Rhymes is the most inconsistent. He either releases a great club tune or something terrible, that is usually a duet (Janet Jackson, Linkin Park). On the occations that he is on his game he produces magic. One time Zane Lowe premiered one of his tracks whilst I was driving - I got so pumped I almost crashed my Car.

The other week I was once again listening to the radio when I hear that the new Busta track is about to be played. What would it be? 100% great or a lame turd. I was in the kitchen so was in no danger of crashing, but decided that I should put down the knife I was using. This was a good move as I thought it was a hot track - Stop The Party. production by Swizz Beat.

I also added the track that I almost crashed my car to.

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