Thursday, 30 July 2009

Oh yeah! Daft Punk return

Daft Punk - true innovators, genuine UPROCK idols and providers of perhaps the best live show ever - are about to return with their score for Tron Legacy:

Who knows what the film will be like, but the involvement of Daft Punk will keep us high on excitement for the next few months.

The early signs are promising, with what's said to be the theme (or 2 minute clip) sounding menacing yet not too disimilar to Human After All.

The Cryda Luv cut up, meanwhile, takes things back with some Homework era beats, albeit slowed down a bit.

Anyway, if that's not enough Daft Punk for you take a look at the idaft site (also an app for iPhone), which lets you recreate Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger:

Finally, all this reminded me that last year as part of Out of Time Records' annual post Christmas sale (where all vinyl is £1), I spotted a young guy with Homework and Discovery in his hands and a slightly confused look on his face.

The excitement I felt on his behalf was both strange and immense.

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